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1995 Opel Omega Review, Reynar Ellerup, Reykjav

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 Model of the car:Opel Omega
 General comments:This is a great car! Even though its called Opel Omega over here in Europe, it's essentially the same car as the US Cadillac Catera. When I bought this car just over a year ago (its a 1995 model)it had been driven 75000km and even though I've put another 10000km on its odometer, it has never broken down or caused me any problems.This car is ideal for people who like to travel because it has good space for five adults and their luggage. Also it doesn't hurt that the car is fun to drive, has lots of luxury touches such as electrically controlled seats,windows,side-mirrors and sunroof plus quality leather on all seating surfaces. It's only downside is its considerable heft (1650kilos)but that of course just means better crashworthiness!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Good brakes, luxurious and comfortable interior, great seats and enough space for five people and their luggage! Fine automatic with good shift points, stiff chassis and an engine that never seems out of breath.

Review 1995 Opel Omega Reynar Ellerup, Reykjav
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